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Introducing an updated, more social Quads League just in time  to spice up the fall season!  Register now and get ready for a new season of  friendly tennis competition...




Want a quick way to play the game you love, enjoy some friendly competition and meet other players? Quads is for you!

Players are paired together each week by ability level for doubles matches. Every week, courts play three matches of 8 games each rotating partners in a round robin format, so the game is fast, fun and an absolute tennis fan favorite!

Sunday Quads

FALL 2018


Sundays 2pm - 4pm


October 28 - December 16


Joe White Tennis Center at Hanes Park (Clay courts)


$50 (includes new balls weekly)

Register by:

October 28th


Quadrants or “Quads” is an ongoing competitive mixed doubles league open to all levels. 

Every week there will be assigned doubles courts with players of similar ability level. Each court will play three doubles rounds of 8 games with each of the other 3 players as a partner. That means every player will play 24 games total during each Quads session.

The results will be used to adjust positions for the following week. The player with the most games won will move up a Quad court and the player with the fewest games won will move down a Quad court.

By signing up, participants are expected to be present every week--Quads only works if participants are reliable. If a player can't make it one week, a substitute must be scheduled to play in their place.

Quads Season

FALL 2018


Wednesdays 6:15 - 8:15pm


October 3 - December 5

(*no matches 10/31 or 11/21)


Joe White Tennis Center at Hanes Park (Clay courts)


$50 (includes new balls weekly)

Register by:

October 1st


Warm up begins at 6:15pm and play begins promptly at 6:30pm. Any player arriving past 6:15pm forfeits the warm up time. Any player arriving past 6:30pm is docked one Quad game point for every minute late.

As a courtesy and convenience, Quad courts will be available to league participants beginning at 6:00pm on scheduled match days.


A new can of balls and a Scorecard with each player’s name and position will be provided for each court weekly. Players will play 8 games of doubles with each of the other 3 players as their doubles partner for a total of 24 games each week.


Play proceeds in three rounds with each player partnering once with each of the other three players as follows:

  • Round 1 – Players 1 & 4 vs. Players 2 & 3

  • Round 2 – Players 1 & 3 vs. Players 2 & 4

  • Round 3 – Players 1 & 2 vs. Players 3 & 4


Each round consists of 8 games with each player serving in rotation, twice per round Player 1 always serves first. The format of play is as follows: play 4 games with 1 player, switch ends of court and playing sides for the next 4 games. Repeat this format with the next 2 players.



At the end of each round, each player’s individual games won are recorded for that particular round and then partners are switched to begin the next round and play proceeds as before.   At the end of all three rounds, each player’s individual games won for all three rounds are totaled. Make sure all players agree on scores written on sheet. Scorecards should be turned in at the Tennis Center Proshop at the end of the day.


Court assignments will be emailed to Quad participants on the morning of each scheduled match as well as posted in the Tennis Center Proshop.

Players are assigned a court on the first day of play based on their individual NTRP rating.  Top rated players 1-4 are assigned to Court 1; players 5-8 are assigned to Court 2; players 9-12 are assigned to Court 3; etc.  After the first day of play, court movement is determined by a player’s individual performance.  Depending on their individual score for the day, a player may move up one court, down one court, or stay on the same court the following week.


Each week, the player with the most games won on a court after three rounds will move up one Quad the following week.  The player with the least games won on a court will move down one Quad the following week.  The other two players will stay on the same court the following week.  In case of a tie, the player higher on the card will move up one court; the player lower on the card will move down one court.

Each week, each court will lose two players (the winner going up to the next court and the loser going down) and each court will gain two new players (the loser from the court above and the winner from the court below).  Exception:  each week, Court 1 loses only one player going down and receives one player coming up.  Likewise, the last court loses only one player going up and receives one player coming down.


When a player has a conflict, the player is responsible for finding a similarly rated substitute to play in their place. A substitute list will be maintained throughout the season and available to all participants. Players can choose to use a substitute from the list or use their own substitute. If you need a sub to be schedule for you, an email request must be sent to at least 48 hours prior to the match start time. 

Substitutes cannot move up, but they can move down.  If there is a tie between a regular player and a sub for moving down, the SUB will move down. A substitute cannot move a player up to a higher court but a substitute can move a player down to a lower court.  If a substitute wins the most games, the next regular player with the most games won will move up to the next court the following week.  For cumulative scoring purposes, the player who has a substitute receives only one-half credit for the number of games won by their substitute for that day.

There is no charge to be on the substitute list. Anyone can join the substitute list at anytime by emailing A player signing up on the substitute list is not obligated to play each week and may or may not be asked to sub at any point during the season. However, substitutes should make every attempt to fill in when needed.


An email will be sent to notify all Quads participants of cancellations that occur an hour prior to start time. If you think that the courts may be wet, check your email to see if Quads is canceled or call the Tennis Center Proshop at 336.727.2137 for rain updates within an hour of start time. Please do not assume that because it is raining at your house that it is raining at the Tennis Center. 

Cancellations due to rain will not be rescheduled. Play will continue where it left off the following week.


Quadrants only work if players are reliable. Plan ahead if you know that you cannot play on a particular day. If you are not able to come on a particular day, it is your responsibility to have a substitute there in your place or to request that a substitute be scheduled for you (see Substitutes section below). Failure to do so will mean that three players will be stuck without a game. 

Players should send an email to as soon as they know that they will be absent for a match, but no later than 24 hours prior. As soon as a substitute has been secured, please email to provide the substitute's name, cell phone number and email address.

If a player fails to play and fails to request or provide a substitute for any reason, leaving three other players without a fourth, that player is automatically dropped to the last position on the last court the following week. If the same player fails to play and has no substitute a second time, that player is dismissed from the league for the duration of that season and for the following season. The League Coordinator will be responsible for finding another player to play in the dismissed player’s place for the duration of that season.

At the end of the season, the player with the most cumulative games won (no matter what court they are on) is pronounced “Most Points Won” Season Winner.  The top player on Court 1 is pronounced “Top of the Court” Season Winner. A social will be held on the last day at the conclusion of all matches to announce the winners. Season winners will receive a voucher to register for the next Quads season at no charge.


Please email all league questions to

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