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Academy Features:


Teaching all Fundamentals* Emphasis on Sportsmanship and FUN* Fitness and Footwork Drills* Shot Selection and Position Drills* Serve and Return of Serve Tactics* Match Play and Strategy* Hitting with Pros* Doubles Strategy and Practice! We will have round robin doubles and singles play weekly to prepare our players for tournaments.


Weekday May Academy: Monday thru Friday May 3rd thru May 28th at 4:00-6:00pm

Weekday Monthly pay $300 in advance for one sibling and the other sibling cost is $150 in advance.

Weekly cost is $75 per person per week in advance.

Drop In cost is $15 per person in advance


Only if You Register and Pay in Advance as we need to schedule Coaching Staff and set our lesson plans. You can always Register In Advance and  Pay our  $15 Drop In Fee for any day you would like to attend

Weekend May Academy Saturday and Sunday May 1st & 2nd thru May 22nd & 23rd at 2:00-4:00pm

Weekend Monthly pay $120 in advance for one sibling and the other sibling cost is $60 in advance



Ages: 7-17 y/o 

We are offering both Academy and Clinics for all levels of ability to participate except Beginners. We will have tennis when Temperature is 40 degrees and above. If Cancelled due to inclement weather, makeup will be rescheduled.


Carver High School



















Early registration is required along with payment to ensure placement.

Pay in advance for full or complete Academy to get discounts

To register, submit payment to John Worsley or mail to Tennis For Life, Inc.

5223 York Place Court, Walkertown, NC 27051.

Make all checks payable to Tennis For Life,Inc.
For more information, contact John Worsley at (336)575-5280 or email


Clean Restrooms and Snacks Included!


Coach John Worsley

Tennis For Life at WSSU

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